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Sworn Translation

Sworn Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter, English & Brazilian Portuguese, 

Jucepa comission no. 20120465116

What is it?

It is a legally valid, official translation

of any type of document.

11 years experience

3000+ sworn translations

When do I need it?

When the translations need to be legally valid, either in your private life or in court-related matters.


A few examples of documents:  IDs and certificates, diplomas and transcripts, agreements, financial statements, powers-of-attorney, medical  and technical reports, etc.

Does it expire?

No. Your sworn translation is valid for life.

How much do you charge?

As this is legally considered a public service, I must charge according to the official prices list from the Board of Commerce of my state.

How do I deliver the original document?

You may scan your documents in high resolution and send them via email. You may also deliver hard copies either by mail or personally.

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