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Legal Translation

Bachelor of Laws in Brazil

What is it?

It's the translation of legal documents, governed either by public or private law: agreements, lawsuits, petitions, statutes, company records, etc.

11 years experience

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) in Brazil

Why hire a professional translator?


Legal translation between English and Brazilian Portuguese is even more challenging: two very different systems are involved, Common Law and Civil Law.

The translator needs to know not only specific terminology and text genres, but also the many, complex differences between both systems to provide an effective translation.


In addition to being an expert in legal translations, I'm also a Bachelor of Laws in Brazil. This means I actually studied the field and can spot the differences.

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools

This is special software for tasks such as terminology management and translation memories, all of which allow for a consistent, high-quality output.

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